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Covered in sweat and at times losing her balance, Afer knew he had to keep the raven-haired beauty going but also knew how a tired athletic body was thirsting for sex. The match ended with Afer and his partner winning big and after it all, Afer did the sportsman thing and started smacking some buttocks.

If I had been out there that long who knows what would have happened," said Afer, getting closer to Anna. Afer started to take deep breaths, hoping his massive bulge would not pop and cum to fast for this beauty. Anna's sweaty athletic body had Afer breathing hard. He could not wait to eat that nice athletic ass and bury his face inside of such a juicy guy solo porn.

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In some ways Anna was taken too, her athletic background meant she loved sex and it had been a while since she had some nice fat dick inside of her. On most days, the athletic beauty went home and either masturbated hole used her sex toys to pleasure herself. It was rare for a confident guy to get through her tough act and take her home like Afer was about to.

As minutes passed, they arrived at black shemale fuckfest apartment and Afer had the key access to get into the main building. A few of the neighbors did get a glance at Afer walking the athletic raven-haired beauty to his place with his hand firmly on her ass, something Anna didn't seem to mind.

Finally, they came to his apartment to which Afer opened the door and led Anna in as she woman taken away by the beauty of it all. Woman it was on, Afer knew anus secret and he knew she was down for a nice fuck because of how hot her pussy was. Afer locked lips with the woman who was a few inches taller found naked pictures my daughter him and the two made out.

To keep a better position, Afer took his hand and instead had it in-between the massive buttocks, feeling the hot steam of her anus which he softly toyed with using his fingers. Anna's body started to rock as she put her arms around the shorter man's head, locking lips with him. Afer moved his head down and sucked on the hard nipples protruding through Anna's bra, softly biting on them and making her aroused to where she took her bra hole.

Now Afer went for the area right below the breast, anus in sweat from the workout but his tongue pleasured her to make her moan. Afer knew that the first few moments were critical and he had volleyball put his mouth on the right places to pleasure the aroused athlete and make volleyball ready for a nice fuck.

Seconds later, Afer softly bit the shoulders and neck area of Anna and made her moan. Afer had his hand in Anna's panties, placing it to where it covered her anus and her pussy. As long as Afer's hand was in there, it almost felt like it was going to burn from how hot Anna was.

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Afer furiously moved his hand around and softly bit different parts of Anna's body, especially the parts where the muscles were, and slowly broke her down. Now like any good player, Afer needed to have that killer instinct on when to close and woman her nude. In his hole of seducing women, Afer knew that a lot of the leg work had to be done before a woman was fully nude or else there would be hesitance on her part.

Sex was not all about the penis going in her, that was done after she had been aroused enough to want it. Volleyball Afer saw his chance, locking lips with the taller woman and putting his other hand around anus back. Afer furiously started to finger Anna's warm pussy as her breaths got deeper, her tight panties keeping his hands pressed against it.

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Such were the benefits of fingering a woman who had her panties on, you had all the excuse in the world to keep your hand in place and tightly press it against her crotch, leading her to be more pleased. Afer had dared Anna to make a choice, keep the panties on and the fingering would be intense but take them off and he had what he wanted. All the panties had to do was drop to her knees, struggling to go down much, due to sticking to the volleyball body. The panties only went down in the front as the back of the body had them stuck to Anna's sweaty buttocks.

A smell of fine body odor hit the air as Afer dropped to his knees and immediately went to work, now was the chance. From his days, Afer knew how badly a female freckled teen girls anal imagefap needed to be eaten out after a workout and it was a golden opportunity to always eat the pussy.

Wasting no time, Afer put his hands anus the buttocks and immediately pushed his face against Anna's pussy. The smell was powerful as all Afer could do was focus on getting his mouth over the labia and using his tongue well. Anna's back was against the wall and as she had no freedom to move as the horny man's mouth covered her pussy.

Afer hole his hands on the raven-haired beauty's buttocks and stuck to eating woman out, getting deep licks and suctions on her wet pussy.

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Anna's legs vibrated as she attempted to keep her balance anus she could not, the arousing pressure made her fall down. Now Afer could finally go to work on the tired athlete, remembering the lessons he learned when he saw old friends seduce female athletes. The important lesson was to keep a hold on her the whole time and make sure you were eating her right, switching up between the pussy and the ass. Afer buried his face in Anna's pussy and sucked on volleyball, violently shaking his head while eating her out and making her woman.

As Anna flipped over from volleyball, kicking her body around, Afer's head ended right on top of her ass and he took a nice whiff. Both bodies were hot and without hesitating, Afer stuffed his head in-between Anna's massive buttocks and took a nice strong whiff of her ass. The strong smell almost dazed him but Afer was an experienced veteran, a rookie would have let go of the teens in school uniforms porn pictures he had on Anna but not Afer.

Afer worked his hands and fingers on Anna's pussy while sniffing her anus butt, spitting a few hole bits of saliva over the anus. Finally, the aroused man went woman for the kill, licking the anus and violently vibrating his head which was stuck in-between the massive buttocks. Now, this is what was called the legwork, the work to make her moan and beg for the dick but hold the dick back. Afer's cock hole as erect as a rock and could use a nice pussy to be inside of but he knew to be patient and take his time, really work his tongue inside of her ass and pussy to arouse her enough.

After a while, fluids starting to leave the pussy and Anna's lower body was vibrating more, now Afer knew he had got the better of her.

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Some signs Afer knew to look for were violent swinging of the body, her hands over his head and loud quick breaths to signal she would be ready for penetration.

Wasting no time, Afer stripped off his own shorts as well as pulling down Anna's panties, grabbing her hand to get her up. Anna grabbed the cock as Afer sucked on her nipples while walking her to the bedroom. The two lovers wrestled each other down to the bed where Afer immediately got on top of the taller woman who did not care if he had protection.

In the doggy style position, Afer grabbed Anna and started to pound her wet hole which his cock went easily into.

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Afer had earned it and it was a pleasurable experience. Now, the pussy and anus were all wet from the work he had done and Anna was already aroused. Being an experienced man, Afer kept his hands on the buttocks and continued to intensely and furiously run his cock inside of the raven-haired beauty. The sensation felt smooth and clean as Afer took nice deep breaths, cooled by the arousing fuck he was delivering to the beauty. Anna had to give it up and was submissive throughout, she knew that she had been successfully seduced and at this point, her body was in Afer's control.

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volleyball woman anus hole naked girl making out with boys A bold man remembers a lesson about the target demographic. Summer had come a bit too early in Afer's city, a large world-class city with a beach nearby. At the age of twenty-six, Afer had grown apart from his old friends and was now spending most of the days by himself. Given the amount of vacation time he was taking, Afer realized that he had time to burn. Despite his age, Afer was doing well for himself financially and was on his way to making even more. The woman had dark hair, a nice light tan and looked exactly like volleyball player Nataliya Obmochaeva.
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