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Sex On Fire Tab by Kings Of Leon - Bass - Electric Bass (pick) | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

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Not the arrangement you were looking for? View All Arrangements. The Related Products tab shows you other products that you may also like, if you like Sex on Fire. We were still looking for that, but we also wanted broader textures and more layering of sounds. We changed drum setups, guitar amplifiers, effects, and so on, just trying different things to get a vibe going.

We took our time, and at Blackbird we had the best gear in the world at our disposal. With Blackbird owning a staggering microphones, along with a wide range of vintage preamps and outboard gear, King certainly wasn't short of recording options.

Inside Track: Kings Of Leon 'Sex On Fire'

chicas locas in east la His approach was to set up many different microphones in the room, and then choose the mics and signal paths that were most appropriate to a particular song.

We wanted to make a real production out of this album. The guys had made other records in a more simplified approach that moved faster. That was beautiful and appropriate because they are amazing performers, but they have grown as musicians and they wanted to shake things up a bit and spread their wings. So I had a general layout in the room, which would change from song to song, depending on what was kings appropriate for the sound.

I'm a real believer in recording the sound that you want, rather than keeping things safe and figuring out a way to make it work in the mix. It's an essential part of recording anything that has some meaning. With each decision you shape the next stage. If you leave stuff you record with too many options, you never really have a sense of where you're headed. Apart from delay topreverb and EQ bottommost of the vocal treatment was handled using hardware.

The microphone on the kings is usually at its upper range of ability, and because the U47 is a tube microphone you get a little bit of tube squash, with the harmonics nearly going into distortion. Jared plays a lot of melodic stuff very high up the neck of his bass, and fire be able leon keep the weight of leon track I synthesized some additional low end. Jacquire King's Quad 8 EQs were used on the drums and the final stereo mixdown.

The latter is something made by Urei. It gives a nice early reflection type of texture. Because the delay is so short, it also gives a chorus—filter like effect. I had several such additional effects running during recording. I set these effects up on a bass channel on the desk, but didn't record them fire the 16—track. Instead, during the transfer to Pro Tools, I recorded them on separate tracks. This meant that I might record 22 to 24 tracks in Pro Tools during the transfer.

Drums: "The microphones on the drums changed a lot from song to song. It depends on what I was trying to achieve. The mics were usually in front sex the sex, or just barely inside. On one song, 'Crawl', I did put a U87 on the bass side of the kick, next to the pedal, which gives a very attack—orientated sound, with a Led Zeppelin—ish quality.

Backing Track for Bass player.

I didn't want to keep them separate. It was a matter of get the sound, make the decision, and move on. I had the option of various mics that all went through a BCM10 and were submixed, through a GML EQ, then a [Empirical Labs] Distressor, just to give it some control and make sure the snare hit the tape at the right level. On the track sheet a transformerless Shure SM57 is indicated. It was something I read about a couple of years ago, and it's a really good thing.

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It gives a nicer, more transparent, usable sound that requires less EQ. You lose a bit of level, but typically the bass that you record with a 57 are so loud anyway that it doesn't matter. Kings I asked the people at Blackbird to take the transformer out of one of their 57s and they were gracious enough to do this. There were a rack of toms plus two floor toms, and I also submixed the tom mics via a BCM10 to a stereo pair, panning the toms as was appropriate for the track.

The ride cymbal and the hi—hat were recorded with RCA77 ribbon mics, the ones that David Letterman used to have bass his fire. When I use a mono overhead, as I did in this case, I like using ribbons, for a good stereo spread between ride and cymbal. I'd leave the door to the sex chamber open so the sound of the drums was happening in there as well, and I'd fire the room mics around to get the sound that I women in socks xxx for a particular song.

I would then bus different combinations to the two room tracks, depending porn english women the song. Some of these mics went through Neve preamps, some through an old RCA tube mic that Blackbird customised. The combination of room mics was bussed through leon Fairchild I would rather have interesting mono elements to pan as appropriate and then use reverbs or delay if I want to have a stereo spread in the background. My feeling is that the drums should be more centred in the stereo spectrum.

I prefer to use things like guitars for the outer edges. Oh, I forgot to mention that there's also a drum loop that Matt [Followill, the band's lead guitarist] overdubbed.

He played it on a keyboard, and it felt really good and we used Beat Detective for some manual editing to line it up better with the drums. I also overdubbed an old Simmons snare drum in the choruses. Guitars and vocals: "We had five or six guitar amplifiers available for each guitar, and again, we picked the leon that were most appropriate for the song. Angelo and I would listen to the guitar parts and mix and match amplifiers.

Sometimes we'd put reverb on one amp and a delay on sex, or effect pedals on both. We had all kinds of combinations, although we kept it to two amplifiers per performance for each player. I'd put an SM57 in front of one amp and a U67 in front of the other. Custom Backing Track. CDG Video Karaoke. Advanced Search.

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kings of leon sex on fire bass caught nude public home The result: a worldwide smash and a long—awaited breakthrough in the band's native US. Embarrassed about the explicit sexual nature of the lyrics, he needed some coaxing to convince him that the song was worth doing, and even during the recording sessions the following Spring, more arm—twisting was required to get the singer to overdub his vocals. It has certainly paid off, because 'Sex On Fire' and its parent album Only By The Night have charged to the top of hit parades worldwide. Petraglia has worked on all four, while Ethan Johns son of the legendary Glyn and Jacquire King have swapped places twice. This meant that preparations for the recording of Only By The Night began with informal social meetings.
kings of leon sex on fire bass screw my wife please 45 In the same key as the original: E. This song ends without fade out. Duration: - Preview at: All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music. This instrumental version contains the background music for Bass player. Select your instruments customize MP3.
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