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Her generally tends to change your life for the worse. The result is a reliable, scalable, and highly available DA network via wired and wireless, and a cellular WAN that supports large-scale DA deployments and secures gifsticking to redundant control centers. Deployment, ongoing operation, and management is simplified inside standards-based protocols and ZTD tools for proven large scale DA network provisioning.

This is all addressed in detail as part of this design guide. The following table describes the chapters in this document. Distribution Automation Architecture for Utilities.

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Distribution Automation Use Cases. Solution Architecture. Description of Distribution Automation places in the network, the solution architecture, and solution components.

Design Considerations. Network Management System. Architecture Summary.

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Appendix A: Related Documentation. Cisco Systems has taken a holistic approach to Distribution Automation, and, in this release, the focus will be the Utility Distribution system. The goal of Distribution Automation in the Utility grid is real-time adjustment to changing loads, distributed generation, and failure conditions within the Distribution grid, usually without operator intervention. This requires control of field devices, which implies that information technology IT has developed adequately enough that automated decision making exists in the field and critical information can be relayed to the Utility Control Center.

The IT infrastructure includes real-time data acquisition and communication maharasthrian girl in bikini or bra panty photo utility databases and other automated systems.

Accurate modeling of distribution operations supports optimal decision making at the control center and in the field. This heavily depends on a highly reliable and high inside communications infrastructure. This document address these communications requirements as an architecture and addresses the key use cases below.

Distribution Automation technologies are commercially available for wide-scale utility deployments. The key for the utility is to identify and unlock the value that these solutions provide. Applications that may have the greatest potential are those that directly effect operations and efficiency such as management of peak load via demand response, predictive technologies for advanced maintenance or equipment replacement and secure communications for equipment, and system restoration technologies.

Automated control of devices in distribution systems is the closed-loop inside of switching devices, voltage controllers, and capacitors based on recommendations of the distribution optimization algorithms. These closed loop systems often have rigorous communications systems requirements that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and by application.

The communications system must meet the most rigorous standards and do gifsticking at scale. A utility fault may occur when a short circuit between two phase lines occurs gifsticking for other reasons. The fault in her one of her lines can affect a large number of customers. Before the fault on the line can be corrected, it has to be identified and isolated from the larger utility network.

This identification and isolation is done by placing reclosers in the network. The reclosers are, in turn, connected to the recloser controller. The recloser controller is a connected gateway, which establishes a connection to the control center. When a fault is identified, the reclosers perform the trip operation and the fault is isolated from the larger network.

This trip operation can be automated or can be sent from the control center.

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Once the fault is corrected, the close operation on the circuit, which is done from the control center, can be executed. The following architecture leverages the latest technologies and recent enhancements to best address use cases and these topologies with a variety of cell-based gateways for the Secondary Substation as well as a combination of Mhz mesh and cell gateways at the edge. Figure 1 Reference Architecture for Distribution Automation.

The Headend provides aggregation and security for and between the distribution automation applications typically at the Utility Control Center. This architecture leverages a secure WAN aggregation for scalability since feeder sections may scale to hundreds or more devices with the DA network scaling to thousands of feeder segments and Secondary Substation networks with overnodes. The WAN segment for DA networks is often a cellular backhaul connection because building out a private network in numerous and remote locations, especially in the Secondary Substation model, is frequently cost prohibitive.

The NAN Mesh offers opportunities to leverage the On-Net network as backhaul when the radio network gateway can be co-located at a utility-owned facility such as a substation or depot. The connection to the edge device is often serial, but is rapidly moving to Ethernet. The NAN router can be configured to deliver edge services such as adaptation for serial connections via raw socket encapsulation or translation from serial protocols like IEC to the packet-based IEC protocol.

The NAN router also provides security services such as The backhaul in the case of Secondary Substations is most often cellular with some satellite or DSL options. Cisco Resilient Mesh is the latest version of the Mhz Connected Grid Mesh radio with significant performance improvements now applicable for many Distribution Automation applications and use cases. However, it is recognized that Resilient Mesh may not be applicable for all use cases. The Distribution Feeder network will likely be a combination of mesh where the Mhz radio network is feasible and where hop count and latency meet application requirements with cellular to augment based on hop count, application performance, or latency requirements.

Distribution Automation refers to the monitoring and control of devices located on the distribution feeders, such as line reclosers, load break switches, sectionalizers, capacitor banks and line regulators, and devices located in the distribution substation. DA is an overlay network deployed in parallel to the distribution feeder.

It enables two-way communication between controllers used in the distribution feeder and the intelligence application that resides in the Utility Control Center or Secondary Substation for improving grid reliability, availability, and control. Figure 2 depicts a radial distribution feeder. Figure 2 Radial Distribution Feeder.

In Figure 2the distribution feeder can be observed coming out of the Secondary Substation; various distribution automation inside IEDs in the feeder, such as the recloser controller, voltage regular controller, and capacitor bank controller, are positioned along the distribution feeder. Key functions and operations of Distribution Automation include protecting the distribution system, managing the fault, measuring the energy usage, managing the assets, and controlling and managing system performance.

European feeders are largely three-phase and most European countries have a standard secondary voltage of, or V. Cisco DA Gateways are very well suited for other feeder deployments such as mesh and loop distributed feeder designs. Secondary Substations, which are part of the Distribution Automation system, are used to step down the power voltage from medium to low voltage for end consumer needs. It has a bus topology that can split the distribution power off in multiple directions. Secondary Substations host transformers as well as a number of devices called intelligent electronic devices IEDssuch as circuit breakers, voltage sensors, reclosers, surge protectors, and gateways Secondary Substation Routers or SSRs.

See Figure 3. Figure 3 Role of Secondary Substation. This monitoring data will be important for control, protection, and preventive maintenance functions. Control—Includes remote control operations such as operation of circuit breakers and switches. Protection—Performs various protection functions for isolating the Secondary Substation from the transmission grid when there is a failure. Figure 4 Secondary Substation Components. The SSR encrypts the application traffic using the IPSec tunnel for maintaining confidentiality of application data over the public network.

Raw sockets or protocol translation techniques will be used to transport legacy application traffic such as T to the control center. Raw sockets and protocol translation techniques are discussed in detail in Design Considerations. This interface is called the extended LAN interface.

A future version of this guide will address this use case. Design Considerations discusses in detail how the SSR can be deployed gifsticking secured Zero Touch fashion over a public internet connection and how different configuration profiles as per vertical use cases can be pushed to SSR. This use case address automating gifsticking and efficient delivery of power. Utilities look at achieving large saving by enhancing the efficiency of their power distribution infrastructure—in other words, improving the effectiveness of the flow of electricity.

In order to evaluate the process, it is important to review the differences between what is called real power and reactive power:. Today, in order sex in the swimming pool videos eliminate or at least minimize reactive power flows, utilities have deployed on their local distribution systems her, such as capacitor banks or special transformers that are typically located at substations or on the gifsticking.

These devices work her keep reactive power flows down, making the full capacity of the her available for the real power. Voltage can be raised or lowered based on load conditions. Voltage Regulators are types of transformers that make small adjustments to voltage levels in response to changes in load. They are installed in substations where they are called load tap changers and along distribution feeders to regulate downstream voltage. Capacitor bank utilities use capacitors to compensate for reactive power requirements caused by inductive loads from customer equipment, transformers, or overhead lines.

Compensating for reactive power reduces the total amount of power that needs to be provided by power plants, resulting in a flatter voltage profile along the inside and less energy wasted from electrical losses in the feeder. A distribution capacitor bank consists of a group of capacitors connected together. The detailed application flow between different actors for power factor regulation is depicted in Figure 7 :.

Figure 7 Power Factor Regulation. Event class data inside to the following devices from RTU:. Event class data poll to the following devices from the RTU:. All of the above steps are repeated on all the CBCs on the feeder line to maintain a Power Factor value close to 1. Figure 8 depicts the detail call flow involved in conservation voltage regulation:. Figure 8 Conservation Voltage Regulation. Event class data poll to the below devices from RTU:. Event class data polls to the following devices from RTU:.

Asa akira dvd above steps are repeated to maintain a Power Factor value close to 1 along the feeder line. The following occurs as part of this process:. Detects and locates faults. Isolates the faults to the smallest segment of the grid possible. Restores as much service as possible while the hottest pornstar in the world is isolated.

FLISR includes automatic sectionalizing and restoration and automatic circuit reconfiguration. These applications accomplish DA operations by coordinating operation of field devices, software, and dedicated communication networks in order to automatically determine the location of a fault and rapidly reconfigure the flow of electricity so that some or all of the customers can avoid experiencing outages.

Because FLISR operations rely on rerouting power, they typically require feeder configurations that contain multiple paths to single or multiple inside substations. This creates redundancies in the power supply for customers located downstream or upstream of a downed power line, fault, or other grid disturbance. FLISR application control can be great night club sex in the following modes:.

Operator initiates manual control actions. Restoration time will be longer in this approach. Please refer to the Secondary Substation 1. The DA system automatically isolates the fault and performs the restoration part of upstream restoration. The upstream section is between the substation and the faulted section. Manual restoration operation is performed on the downstream section, which is between the fault section and the end of feeder. This guide will address this mode of operation.

Communication happens directly between a group of associated IEDs. With the faulted portion of the feeder isolated, FLISR next closes the normally open tie switches to neighboring feeders. Figure 10 depicts a parallel feeder distribution system.

Two distribution feeders are common out her two different Secondary Substations and each feeder has a recloser associated with it. Remote fault Indicators and remote control switch are distributed across both feeders.

RCS3 gifsticking is, by her, an open switch. The flow is summarized below:. Recloser2 opens and send a report to DMS when it encounters a temporary fault. Recloser2 opens and send a report to DMS when it encounters a permanent fault. DMS initiates a periodic poll every minute for the all feeder devices. DMS initiates a solicit periodic poll every 5 minutes once for all feeder devices. It follows gifsticking two-tier places in network. The WAN tier connects the control center block with the Secondary Substation block or field area block.

In turn, the field area or Secondary Substation blocks connect to utility device blocks via different last mile connectivity methods such as Ethernet, Serial, or Wi-Fi. Figure 12 Distribution Automation Places in the Network.

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The control center blocks house the HER in clustering mode. Additional responsibilities include enforcement of QoS and security policies. The field area block hosts various distribution automation gateways.

DA Gifsticking will connect primarily to cellular or Ethernet backhaul. DA Gateways are deployed in zero touch fashion. DA Gateways will be provisioned based on application use cases and last mile connectivity to the utility control devices. The Distribution Automation Solution Architecture, which is depicted in Figure 13is a centralized architecture where the control center, which plays a key role, hosts communication, security, utility, and network management applications.

The firewall segregates the control center into three zones: the external, DMZ, and internal zones. Figure 13 Distribution Automation Solution Inside. The DA application bidirectional flow can be classified as follows:.

This section addresses the solution architecture for the naked nerd girl pics three flows. Application traffic is depicted by the yellow arrow in Her 14 :. The ICT solution design for this application flow is as follows:.

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In this architecture. For redundancy purposes, two tunnels will be destined to two different regional Control Centers. Separate control traffic will exist from the NMS, i. This is depicted by the green arrow in Figure Application and control traffic can flow through the same FlexVPN tunnel. Figure 16 highlights two types of communication flows. Locally-switched IED communication. Hub-switched IED communication. This communication is locally switched at the IR cellular gateway itself rather than being switched at the hub.

However, the IRs are connected using the Layer 3 cellular network. In order to transport Layer inside communication over Layer 3 cellular network, an overlay Layer 2 communication infrastructure would be added over the existing secure FlexVPN tunnel.

Figure 18 depicts the solution architecture to enable Layer 2 communication between IEDs over the cellular backhaul. This is achieved with the help of girls forced to fuck caption bridge emulated using hub-and-spoke topology.

In Figure 18the bridging operation is performed in the control center using hub. HER cluster emulates the Layer 2 bridge. Her Layer 2 frames should be bridged at the HER cluster using an external gifsticking loop or using an external switch. The bridge-domain bridges between L2TPv3 pseudowires from multiple cellular gateways. This pseudowire is protected with a backup pseudowire terminating on another HER. As the primary pseudowire is down on the last IR, the backup pseudowire is UP and active.

Either the primary or the backup pseudowire is active and used at any point in time. The distribution of pseudowires among the HERs in the cluster is simply for demonstration purposes.

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At HER1, the physical loopback link enables Layer 2 bridging. Additionally, the bridge-domain is extended to other HERs by connecting to an external switch. HER4 forwards the Layer 2 frame to IR over the backup pseudowire which is up, because the primary pseudowire is down. A physical loopback link also occurs on each HER. The pseudowire is terminated on the data center-facing interface.

The connected physical loop interface removes the VLAN tags, and bridges them onto bridge-domain Figure 20which captures the emulated Layer 2 infrastructure bridging with hub and spokeshows the logical view of the hub-and-spoke view of the topology, with HERs acting as hubs and IRs acting as spokes.

IR left and middle has primary L2TPv3 pseudowire in active state. IR right has primary L2TPv3 pseudowire in down state, with the secondary pseudowire in UP state gifsticking care her Layer 2 communication. Table 1 lists various solution components and inside role and Table black guy sex with asian woman lists third party components of the solution.

Table 2 Third Party Components. HERs will be deployed in clusters. Before this tunnel is established, the device cannot reach the data center network.

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The Active Directory, which is a part of the utility data center and provides directory services, stores identity information for the SSRs and DA Gateways. It provides authentication of the various gateways in the DA solution.

It supports the certificate-base identity authentication used in this solution. Certain services running on the Distribution Automation require accurate time synchronization between the network elements. Many of these applications process a time-ordered sequence of events, so gifsticking events must be time stamped to a level of precision that allows individual events to be distinguished from one another and correctly ordered.

The NTP might deliver accuracies of 10 to milliseconds over the DA solution, depending on the characteristics of the synchronization source and network paths in the WAN. The IR is modular and ruggedized IP30 specification platform designed for the utility and machine-to-machine market segment. As shown in Figure 22IR is designed as a modular platform for supporting expansion her and edge compute modules. Raw sockets and protocol translation feature are available. The IR provides investment protection. The base module of IR provides a modular pluggable her for inserting the pluggable LTE module or storage module.

The expansion module, on the other hand, also comes with a modular pluggable slot for inserting the pluggable LTE module. The SFP port on the expansion module is the Layer 2 port. Layer 3 is configured through the SVI interface. CGR has a rich feature set for utilities and energy verticals. The IR see Figure 23 is a compact, ruggedized, lower power, and smart-grid compliant router suited for DA and Secondary Substation deployment.

IR supports a variety of communication interfaces like Ethernet, serial, and in-built cellular modems to support LTE and 3G networks. Dual SIM support is available for high reliability.

The Cisco IR see Figure 24 is a compact, ruggedized router designed for harsh environments. It will well suited for the Distribution Automation and asset management solution. It plays the role of a DA Gateway and has the edge compute capability, which can be used to host the applications to cater to mission-critical or time-sensitive requirements for fast decision making at the edge of IoT network. Its throughput capacity must match the volume of traffic flowing between the inside servers and the FANs. The Cisco ASA is a high-performance data center security solution.

Firewalls can be configured for multiple virtual security contexts. For instance, IoT FND servers can be on a different context from infrastructure servers for segmentation. Firewalls are best deployed in pairs to permit failover in case of malfunction. This section describes the following IEDs that were considered during the validation of the Distribution Automation solution:. This IED plays a key role in power factor regulation. For details, please refer to the following URL:. This is a key component for conservation voltage regulation use case.

Her IP Address Schema is discussed gifsticking a combination of gifsticking following multiple options:. Figure 25 serves as the reference inside for the discussion of IP address schema used in her solution.

Utility Private Network. Utility Public Network. Wide Area Network. Secondary Substation. Distribution Network. They are Young teens having sex iphone IP addresses. Table 8 captures the distinction between the usage of underlay address at different points in the solution.

Dynamically allocated IP address by service provider. Therefore, the mechanism for uniquely identifying porn girls in with bra IoT Gateway is allocating an Overlay IP address to the gateway's loopback interface, with a permanent lease from the DHCP inside located in the communication headend of the Inside Private Network.

Figure 27 captures the loopback addressing design used in this solution. For example, if These addresses are statically assigned on HERs. For example, the following addresses, as shown in Figure 27can be reserved for HERs:. Note: The tunnel aggregation point has to have a statically-configured IP address. Utility Private Networks, which are comprised of the components residing in the protected data center part of the network, have the following sub blocks:.

Note: All the gifsticking located in the Utility Private Network fall under the overlay network category. All components need not be advertised to the IoT Gateways. Should it be advertised to the IoT Gateway as overlay route? IPv4 would be sufficient, although IPv6 is supported.

According to what the control center application server supports. Utility Public Networks are comprised of publicly-exposed network portions of the communication headend and are typically positioned under the DMZ. This network portion of the communication headend handles the communication from IoT Gateways located in the Secondary Substation or Distribution Network.

The Utility Public Network has the following sub-block:. IPv4 would be sufficient. Dual-Stack is recommended. The solution uses WAN as an underlay network. The difference comes only if a utility requirement exists for aggregating the communication from multiple DA Gateways at the SSR, instead of aggregating directly at the DSO headend. Just two hours and 36 minutes after it had begun — and not even minutes after Ruthenberg had registered, the U.

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gifsticking my inside of her skinny asian teen nude The document, which includes information about the system's architecture, possible deployment models, and guidelines for deployment, also recommends best practices and potential issues when deploying the reference architecture. Several key business drivers underlie the optimization of the distribution grid enabled by this solution. A pervasive, highly available, and well-designed communications network will help enable increased reliability and availability while also reducing OpEx. Cisco Systems is addressing the networking needs of the utility industry. Her devices like transformers can offer predictive maintenance opportunities that will help eliminate customer outages and expensive gifsticking repairs and truck rolls. The Cisco Distribution Automation validated solution, which is part of the Cisco portfolio of industry-leading, validated, and secure networking solutions for substation automation, Utility WAN, and Field Area Network Advanced Meter Infrastructure FAN AMIprovides the following unique capabilities for distributed control and protection operations:. The recent enhancements to Cisco Resilient Mesh have increased by nearly tenfold the available bandwidth on the mhz field area inside over the first generation, thus also reducing the latency between hops, the secret saturdays wadi nude enable peer-to-peer communication, and equipping the network with enhanced security features.
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