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It's one thing to suppress a Web page; laura much harder to smother Usenet. Schlessinger pictures are currently a must-see in newsgroups ranging from alt. DejaNews searches will track them for years to come. For his part, Warshavsky admits that Schlessinger's pictures have a finite shelf life as far as the cyber-sex biz is concerned: "How long will they be a hot item?

Couple of weeks, maybe? Schlessinger's own gospel holds that people can and do change, and she has allowed that she wasn't always the paragon of virtue that she is today. Photos legions of admirers will either forgive her, too -- or just not care. No, the lessons here have more to do with technology and how the Web has accelerated the nature of scandal. Scandals no longer brew while awaiting the next issue of a tabloid paper -- nor do they afford the parties involved the time to young girl shorts pussy basic legal issues like copyright before they explode across the Internet.

In fact, because I copyright my Web site, I may have the valid copyright. I should file a nude of his filing with the copyright office. IEG claims that it bought the photos from Bill Ballance, a retired radio personality. Ballance told IEG he got the photos while having an affair with Schlessinger in during her first marriage.

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Schlessinger has a syndicated radio show called Dr. Photos and publishes a magazine called Perspectives. IEG is perhaps best known for making millions of dollars from exclusive rights to distribute online a sexually explicit nude video of former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson Lee and her rocker husband, Tommy Lee. The Lees initially had sued IEG to block sales of the video, but then cut a non-disclosed deal allowing the company to continue distributing it. Schlessinger, however, Pregerson also threw out the Lees' lawsuit that alleged they gave IEG permission only to publish the video on the Net--not to sell it via CD-ROM, video cassette, and to hotel rooms on a pay-per-view basis, according to States News Service.

An attorney for the Lees said they probably will appeal that decision. The judge granted Michaels a preliminary injunction, pending a final decision. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Recently, this phrase was added, then removed by another editor. Her parents married in Italy "due to her mother's pregnancy. In my view whether LS was conceived out of "wedlock" some 60 years ago is irrelevant to her bio.

The editor who added this information said it explained her parents' unhappiness two girl teen porn but that reasoning is OR and SYN -- look at the sources and you nude see. It is also contrary to what LS herself wrote:. I actually liked hearing that I was a "love child," because it meant there was at least one time they had been happy with each other. Right you are, a columnist in Rupurt Murdoch's sensationalistic Times of London did use the term "shotgun".

Our purpose in caught using dildo gif and editing these bios, however is not "to suggest" things, or to "seem to connect the schlessinger look a few line up - I am quoting you. Rather, according to BLP policy, "conjectural interpretations" of a source are to be avoided, please also see WP:No original research which prohibits laura analysis or synthesis by Wikipedians of published material, where the analysis or synthesis advances a position not advanced by the sources.

I see no reason why it should be in it anymore laura jesse jackson or spike lee. I am moving information about LS's marriage and family life from the Radio career section, to a new section.

It has been mixed in -- often out of chronological sequence, and often in a confusing way -- with information about her radio career and photos. The nude photos was a huge controversy at the time, and should not be lumped in with her early radio career, so I am moving it to the controversies section.

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Wikipedia does not put extra emphasis on ethnicity, so I will remove her ethnicity from the infobox. There's a typo in one of the last paragraphs of the section "Television show". It says "had used show staff to falsely pose as a guests on the show. I would have corrected it myself, but this article is locked. Firstly, the infobox says religion.

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She is no longer a practicing Jew. LS' mother was Italian. If Laura was the least bit Jewish, she would have followed Jewish Law and respected her mother.

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Mom would not have died alone and lay decomposing for 2 months. I would personally be quite embarrassed if she claimed ANY aspect of Judaism. Your emotional statements above show POV and they are not completely correct. In reform and non-Orthodox Judaism, one may consider themselves Jewish even if they aren't born of a Jewish mother. And it's not in the Law, it's in the Mishnah. Schlessinger became an Orthodox Jew but she was already Jewish by heritage.

As far as her mother dying, that has nothing to do with anything in regard to whether or not Schlessinger was Jewish at the time or if she is now. We don't judge whether people are Jewsih by anyone' particular definition of that.

Copyright war rages over moralist talk-show host's nude photos.

If the sources say she considers herself Jewish, then that's what we call her. There are plenty "Christians" who have behaved in ways, or even expoused beliefs, which other Christians would say makes then an unbeliver or apostate, but I doubt I'd have much success in getting the "Christian" description removed from the popes who'd had 10 mistresses. Wikipedia generally used the definition of "self-description" not the rules of the Mishnah, or of Orthodoxy to decide what to call people.

She doesn't say "ethnic Jew" or whatever else you may wish to dismiss this as. She sees herself as a Jew - you may not, but we go with her. There's plenty people describing themselves as Christian, and thus described as such ricki white sexy naked wikipeia, whom I suspect are sons of Satan, but that's my problem.

I can't see how her envying of Christians makes a difference. Yes, Great Scott! She is a Jew!

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Her ethnicity! If the info box said ethnicity, we would be not having this discussion. What it does say is religion, and Jewish is a religion she clearly does not practice and has decried vociferously. How come the differentiation seems unclear?

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Ethnicity: Jewish, Religion: none. The monotheistic religion of the Jews, tracing its origins to Abraham and having its spiritual and ethical principles IF, after Religion, we could put Judaism, there would be no discussion. She has rejected Judaism as a religion. I made no negative comments about Judaism or Jews.

The practice of Judaism and it's tenets is an integral part of my ministry. I cherish my Jewish community even tho' I am not officially a member. Christianity is totally based on Judaism and compliment each other in so many ways. What a joke. She is not just a believer in virtue, she is also the most successful woman in radio. Seeing Schlessinger naked gives these men a power over her that they'll never have in real life.


Sneering At Dr. What do other moderates have over Klobuchar? Time to call out and remove Putin's propagandists. Four myths debunked in the Democratic presidential debate. If Pompeo doesn't testify, he should be impeached.


dr laura schlessinger nude photos rita simons porn vid Odd that there are sub-headings under the "Controversies" section on this page that point to nowhere. Is it common Wikipedia practice to edit the Talk Pages? Or did someone "mistakenly" mess up the format so that things couldn't be seen? Nowhere does it mention that the pictures were released to the internet by Bill Ballance or that Laura at first denied the existence of such pictures. Is Wikipedia just here to tell us about the nice things about people they care about? How is that NPOV?
dr laura schlessinger nude photos ana lucy dominguez fuck cocks A federal court rules that the Internet Entertainment Group holds a valid copyright and can resume posting photos of the radio personality. In a blow to the year-old radio personality, the U. Laura, as her 18 million daily listeners call her, took IEG to court on Friday and Judge Dean Pregerson temporarily barred the site from publishing the photos. As reported, however, the judge lifted the restraining order yesterday. The photos now are back online and free to adult Net users for the next week. It is unclear how the publication of the photos will affect Dr. Laura's bully pulpit.
dr laura schlessinger nude photos imagenes betty boob porno The body beautiful. The miracle of flesh. The Internet publication of nude photos of radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger shows what a lie that pretense is. The photos were taken 23 years ago by an one-time lover and present-day louse, Bill Ballancewho sold the photos against Schlessinger's wishes for "tens of thousands of dollars. But most browsers aren't signing onto Web sites to appreciate Schlessinger's curves or her taut stomach or saucy smile. They are signing on so that they can give her the once over, then sneer.
dr laura schlessinger nude photos nude women in transparent rubber suits Internet Entertainment Group, a Seattle developer of adult entertainment sites, first posted nude pictures of Dr. Laura Schlessinger on 19 October. Now IEG is suing those who didn't comply with its demands to take them down. The company is an old hand at these kinds of lawsuits, having won more than five settlements in the past year alone from groups republishing its copyrighted pornography. According to Warshavasky, After Hours did not comply with the cease-and-desist order in a timely fashion.